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>1581 compatible 3,5" drive, can also format HD-disks: 1,6 MBDetails
>SWAP-Devicenumber-Button makes the drive MUCH more useful than a 1581Details
>Real sub-directories AND partitions, including 1541 emulationDetails
>Much more reliable than 1541 and also 1581Details


FD front view FD inside
FD-2000: 6336 Blocks free. Look inside.

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FD-2000 - the best 3,5" drive solution for the C64

When Commodore introduced the 1581, everyone was after such a drive. With the FD-2000, CMD offers a much better 3,5" disk drive: It is 1581-compatible, meaning it can read and write 1581 DD disks and works with many 1581 programs. But it can also format the standard HD disks - but instead of the 1,44 MB of the PC, it will give you 1,6 MB. This means you can have direct access to 6336 Blocks free after formatting. Finally it will take some time before you get that "disk full" error...
The drive acts like all Commodore drives - it has a directory, a BAM, understands standard commands like Rename, Scratch and Validate - but also Block-Read or Memory-Write. The only difference to a Commodore drive is that it is much faster: JiffyDOS is already built in. Especially data-loading programs load much faster from the FD. And it connects via serial port (Plug & Play) and can be configured to different device numbers. You can also put hundreds of one-part-demos and -games on one disk, or programs that use the Commodore/JiffyDOS kernal for loading additional files (like many games). Of course it can also read MS-DOS formatted disks with the right tools, for example to transfer downloaded data to your C64.

The SWAP-Button - and your FD becomes #8

A great feature of the FD-2000 is its SWAP button: Once pressed, it SWAPs its own device number with your 1541's number 8. The FD is 8 now, and since two 8's wouldn't work, the 1541 now has the number of the FD. This is the very first time that the drives' intelligence is really used - the two computers inside communicate with each other - without your C64 noticing. This means that you can perfectly use the FD-2000 as a data storage - in ALL programs, even when they only support number 8. Keeping an FD-disk with musics or pictures is really cool - besides the usual tool disk, noter disk, game disks and so on. This means your FD is much more useful than a 1581 or second 1541 fixed at device number 9.

Subdirectories and Partitions

The 1581 offered a strange kind of "sub-partitions" - you can still use them on the FD if you want. But you won't want - there are powerful and easy to handle sub-directories and partitions.
When not formatted in 1581-format, but in "Native" format, you can create subdirs by entering @MD:dirname and get into them with @CD:dirname. That's all! In the directory you have the same blocks free as anywhere else on the disk (unlike 1581). The drive reserves extra dir blocks when needed.
For even more compatibility, you can use partitions. The FD offers 1541-partitions, which have directory on track 18 and 664 Blocks free. Also 1571 is available, and of course 1581. On one FD-disk, you can have two 1581-partitions which both have 3160 blocks free then. And the partitions are also easy to access: Change between them with @CP<partition-number>.
These features make the FD much more compatible than Commodore's own 1581.

More reliable than a 1541

1541 disks are "floppy"... Often you have read errors on your frequently used tool disk, or your source code isn't accessable any more... Put your tools and important data on FD-disks. Provided you use good 3,5" disks, they will be error-free for many years to come. Of course you still should keep backups of your sourcecodes ;-) ... Unlike on 1581, Amiga or PC, with the FD-2000 the 3,5" disk is that what it was meant to be: A more reliable replacement for the 5,25" disk.

FD rear view FD screenshot
C= Daisy Chaining... Powerful - but still simple to handle.


The price of an FD-2000 is cca. $179, eventually you would want a real time clock installed, it will then save the current date and time with your files.


The FD-2000 is the only disk drive that establishes itself as a standard disk drive next to the 1541. It is the best possible 3,5" solution for the C64/128. Its speed, compatibility and useful features (SWAP-Button, subdirectories) make it a great device - all this beside its huge data storage capacity of 6336 Blocks per disk. Such amounts also are important with some SuperCPU software.

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