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>Speeds up Load, Save, Scratch, Validate and all other disk operationsDetails
>Speeds up many disk operations that your cartridge does NOTDetails
>Is the base for an advanced C64 system with drives like FD, HD, RAMLinkDetails
>Lets your 1541 live longerDetails


JiffyDOS chips JiffyDOS screenshot
The JiffyDOS IC's. Speed! Compatibility! -- Ready.


JiffyDOS makes your drive faster

JiffyDOS is a floppy speeder. It provides function keys with standard disk commands for faster work and speeds up LOAD, SAVE, SCRATCH, VALIDATE and all other disk operations, such as reading/writing SEQ files and even REL files. It consists of eproms, one for the C64/128 and one per disk drive. JiffyDOS is much more compatible than any other floppy speeder or cartridge fastloader. Still it can easily be turned off with a switch. It can work with JiffyDOS-equipped disk drives aswell as with old Commodore DOS based drives (auto-detection, Plug & Play). Furthermore, it offers many additional functions, for example listing only directory entries which start with a certain letter and so on.
JiffyDOS works together with cartridge loaders and sometimes even makes them faster. Also directory get is much faster with cart AND JiffyDOS.
JiffyDOS is built into your C64 and requires soldering in the computer (not in the disk drive). The supplied instructions tell you step-by-step how to do it. If you feel uncertain about soldering, go to a local radio store - they will do the job for you.

A cartridge can't replace JiffyDOS

The common error: Someone has a fastload cartridge and thinks a thing like JiffyDOS is not needed then. But ask people who have it - everyone will tell you that they can't miss it anymore. And here's why:
Many LOAD operations where the cart loader is completely bypassed are sped up with JiffyDOS. Examples: A level-depacker in a game, loading a software list in Supersorter, loading a music in a notewriter, saving a sourcecode in Turbo Assembler. And when you have to turn your cart off, JiffyDOS is still there. Many programmers who own JiffyDOS don't install software fastloaders into their products any more, because JiffyDOS is usually faster, compatible with other drives (like FD-2000, HD) and is more reliable.

Start building your Power System

JiffyDOS is the base for an advanced C64/128 system. When you get drives like the FD-2000, the HD or plug in a SuperCPU, it is important to have JiffyDOS already in your system. FD and HD both come with JiffyDOS inside. With JiffyDOS in your computer, those drives will be extremely fast - else quite slow, because the cart fastloaders were written 10 years ago for the 1541, not for a 3,5" drive or even a Hard Disk. A SuperCPU comes with JiffyDOS inside, but when your drive doesn't have it, loading will be slow aswell.

Don't let your 1541 die

JiffyDOS lets your 1541 live longer. Spare parts and replacement 1541's get more and more rare. With JiffyDOS, the critical parts, such as the drive spin motor, have less to do, because JiffyDOS transfers more data in the same time. This helps to reduce the burden on your disks, too. In addition you can turn on a Quiet Mode in which the head bump is disabled.

JiffyDOS manual JiffyDOS in C64 JiffyDOS in 1541-II
The Manual. JiffyDOS inside the C64 ... ... and the 1541-II.


JiffyDOS standard is one eprom for your C64, one for one of your drives: You get this for cca. $39. Extra ROMs, sets for the C128, the SX64 or almost any 1541 clone, 1581 and so on are available.


JiffyDOS is an essential part of a Commodore system today. It's maybe not an ultimate great sensation like other CMD products (and it also doesn't cost as much ;-), but its drive acceleration beyond cartridges and together with the SuperCPU make it very useful.

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