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>20 MHz Turbo board for the C64/C128Details
>Features the 65816, a further developed 6502 type processorDetails
>SuperRAM card allows to have up to 16 MB memoryDetails
>Highest possible compatibilityDetails


SCPU in C64 SCPU inside SCPU inside perspective
Fast & compatible. 65816 inside. Power.


SuperCPU - 20 MHz for your C64

Even in its great time, the C64 was quite slow. Even the Spectrum was faster, at least in 3D calculations such as Elite. Today, even 20 MHz sound slow compared to what PC's have. But C64 coders have learned to code in optimized assembly language instead of resource-wasting high level languages. And 20 MHz is more than the Amiga or the Atari ST had to offer in the beginning - and they could do a lot... The C64 often was even better - with only 1 MHz. Imagine what is possible with 20 MHz then.
The SuperCPU doesn't need any soldering, not even opening your C64. It's just plugged into the expansion port and it works (Plug & Play). Due to the way the C64 is usually programmed, not everything is 20 times faster like in some emulators. For example musics play the same as usual, only that they now need just 1-2 rasterlines. Scrolling a multicolor bitmap now can be done in the same time as a charscrolling was done before. Vectors and any kind of calculations are performed 20 times faster.

65816 processor inside

With the SuperCPU, the C64 is still the C64. It's a faster C64, yes. But it is even more than that. It must not be compared with a PC which just runs a bit faster after an upgrade. A P300 only runs about 3 times faster than a P100. A SuperCPU-C64 runs 20 times faster than a stock C64! With the SuperCPU, we have really a kind of new C64, which is much better than Commodore's ill-fated C65 prototype. It's not only that the old things can be done much faster. NEW things can be done. Inside the SuperCPU, you'll find the 65816 processor. It was developed by Western Design Center, whose founder was one of the original 6502 makers at the real MOS Technologies. This processor gives a lot of power to the coder, including 16 Bit - which means in many cases the SuperCPU can be up to 40 times faster. Yes... use ADC #$1000 if you want... The same processor is also used in the famous Super Nintendo machine - but there it is only clocked with cca. 2 MHz.

16 MB directly accessible memory

With the SuperRAM card, you can have up to 16 MB attached to your C64 in PS2-RAM-form. So next to high speed, you have practically endless memory (we don't speak of a PC system here!). Since the 65816 has an address bus of 24 bits, you can directly address each single byte in this RAM. Access to it is faster than to an REU - and even easier. What does this mean? It means unlimited possibilities. And it is your world, you are free to explore...
To get some data into all the memory, you might consider an FD-2000 or a CMD HD.

More compatible than any other acceleration

The SuperCPU can always be switched to 1 MHz if this speed is required. It even can be turned off completely if some program won't run. These are unique features - no other turbo board for the C64 or for other computer systems (like Amiga) can grant such a high compatibility with acceleration. The SuperCPU also has a pass-through expansion port to connect an REU, SwiftLink or even a RAMLink.

SCPU parts SuperRAM test screenshot
SuperCPU & components. SuperRAM card: Up to 16 MB memory.


Users of PC, Amiga and Macintosh spend several thousand (1000) dollars to have speed increases of 3-7 times in best cases. The SuperCPU gives you a 20 times faster machine! And this for a price of $199... Excellent.
The SuperRAM card is $79, but the best way is to get a SuperCPU with SuperRAM card installed - for $259.


The SuperCPU opens new dimensions. The great atmosphere of the C64 is not destroyed - it even becomes stronger. It is a special feeling of pride to own a SuperCPU. It supplies new visions of motivation. The C64 has and deserves a future beyond emulators.


The SuperCPU needs more power than the standard supply can provide. For the USA, where 120V are used, Maurice Randall offers stronger power supplies. For Europe (240V) Doc of Desire alias Stefan Schauf offers modified PC power supplies - for info and address see the Where to order page!
Note: The SuperCPU gets very hot while in use, especially when turned off (?). Unlike in RAMLink etc., there are no cooling slits. It is recommended to put a heat-sink onto the big Altera chip inside.

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Watch the SuperCPU in 3D

Using the Cosmo player plug-in, you can watch the SuperCPU in 3D, rotate it, zoom and view it from any direction.

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